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Long Term Care Insurance


Suzanne sits down with Phyllis Shelton, President of LTC Consultants and author of “Protecting Your Family with Long-Term Care Insurance” to discuss long-term care. Long-term care is provided when people need help getting through the day. It can become necessary for many reasons including strokes, MS, Parkinson’s and accidents. Often, it is the only thing that keeps people out of the nursing home and pays for things like home health care, adult day care, and country club assisted living facilities, and hospice. Health insurance and Medicare do not cover these things and will only pay for short-term care of up to 3 months.

Suzanne also talks to Randy and Glenda, two people that have benefited from long-term insurance. In 1996, Randy’s mother had a stroke and needed care. After meeting with Phyllis, his mother’s long-term care insurance paid out around $305,000 for her care. Glenda had a different experience; she bought insurance in her 50s because she likes to be in charge of her life. Then, in 2006, both of her knees were crushed in an elevator accident. Fortunately she had purchased long-term care insurance at a younger age as she is uninsurable today.

Phyllis leaves with us with this advice: plan early for long term care. It can happen to people at any age and can be a great relief to the caregiver and the family.

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