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Seniors & Technology

kkFknTn7kscTechnology is advancing and changing rapidly and it can be extremely overwhelming. Senior citizens are one of the fastest growing marketplaces for technology. It’s time for every senior to conquer their fear of gadgets and take advantage of the technology our world has to offer.

Jim Blue, President of, explains that seniors struggle with technology because they aren’t used to it. When seniors were younger, they had no internet connection or cell phones, so it can be hard for them to adjust to such a technologically advanced society. In addition, it’s hard for younger generations to understand the challenge for seniors to adapt to technology because they grew up with Facebook, cell phones, and all sorts of gadgets. Technology is beneficial for seniors and allows them to keep in touch with their family, no matter how far away they are. It’s essential that seniors get over their fear of technology and take baby steps to learn how to use it. Jim recommends that seniors invest in a tablet computer because they are portable and easy to use. Every senior should learn how to browse the internet correctly because it’s extremely valuable. Jim helped one senior, Bryna Nelson Paston, to use her iPad for E-mail, the internet, and other fun and useful applications. Nowadays, technology is essential for communication and research, so it’s a great time for seniors to journey into the world of technology.

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