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Suzanne Awards

About Suzanne

An award-winning actress, director, producer and television host, Suzanne Roberts has spent a lifetime seeking to help others – using her skills, talent and creativity in innovative ways that have marked a career of leadership in public and community service. And for almost two decades, Suzanne has been on a mission to provide America's fastest growing demographic with ideas and thought-provoking information to improve their quality of life.

A Philadelphia native, Suzanne’s extensive acting experience served as a springboard for an array of public service involvement, from USO shows to national plays dealing with racism and alcoholism, from award-winning achievements in radio to the creation of groundbreaking political television programming which resulted in her book,The Candidate and Television, distributed to both political parties.

She received international recognition for her landmark psychotherapy work with emotionally disturbed Navajo children, undertaken during a family summer spent on a Reservation, which led to a documentary film, Discoveries in Communication and worldwide lectures to governmental and medical institutions; as well as her advocacy for at-risk children and teens.  In her mid-sixties, she served on the faculty of Hahnemann University Hospital and received her Masters Degree in Human Services and Therapeutic Counseling at Antioch University, while also mentoring children.

Now, as the Emmy Award-winning creator and host of Seeking Solutions with Suzanne, a nationally broadcast daily and weekly information / entertainment show targeted to an older adult audience, Suzanne Roberts has become a role model of graceful aging as she provides both Boomers and Seniors information and insight on ways to enrich their lives, expand their horizons, and broaden their medical knowledge to improve their health. 

Recognizing the dearth of quality television programming for older adults, Suzanne created Seeking Solutions in 2000 – and a brand new career for herself at the age of 80. Comprised of 5-minute segments that air daily on CNN Headline News and a weekly half-hour show broadcast on NBC Sports+ as well as streamed onthe Seeking Solutions website at, enabling a worldwide audience with Internet access to enjoy the episodes, the show covers issues and topics that run the gamut from Alzheimer’s to Pilates, same-sex marriage to how to do a breast self-exam. Fearless and forthright, Suzanne has demonstrated everything from belly-dancing to performing with the Opera Company of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Ballet, ridden a Harley, and even filmed her own cataract removal surgery.

Seeking to provide viewers with adventurous new experiences and information, Suzanne has consistently forged into new territory – facing her own doubts about trying new things as a way to show her audiences, “If I can do it, you can too!” And the results have garnered numerous awards, including the prestigious 2002 Beacon Award for Best Public Affairs Series, twoMid-Atlantic Emmy Awards for Outstanding Host in 2004 and 2005, two Telly Awards for excellence in television in 2004 and 2005 and 4 Emmy nominations, consistently attracting both increased viewership and critical acclaim, helping to make Suzanne a role model and spokesperson for a new generation of older adults.

In fact, she’s now striding into another new venture, with the launch of a brand-new series called Exploring the Arts – taking viewers into the lives and work of artists covering virtually every genre – and again, providing her viewers with new information and inspiration.

A sought-after speaker, she has been the recipient of numerous awards, including honorary doctorates from Drexel and Arcadia Universities; and most recently, the Eastern Pennsylvania Geriatric Society Lifetime Achievement Award, the American Red Cross of Southeastern Pennsylvania’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the Women’s Image Network (WIN) Lifetime Achievement Award. 

In addition to her work in television, Suzanne has maintained her passion for and involvement in the theatre and arts community, establishing the Suzanne Roberts Cultural Development Fund, a division of the Suzanne and Ralph Roberts Foundation, to support theater and dance organizations. She is now one of the largest private supporters of 29 performing arts organizations in the region. In 2007, she also saw the realization of a dream as she saw her name up in lights with the opening of the new home of the Philadelphia Theatre Company, and Philadelphia’s first new theatre in a decade – the Suzanne Roberts Theatre. A grandmother of eight, Suzanne and her husband Ralph reside in Philadelphia.