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Layered Garden

A garden that is continuously bursting with color throughout the seasons may seem impossible, but it’s not! David L. Culp, author of “The Layered Garden,” discusses the plant-layering techniques that he utilizes to keep his garden vibrant all year round.

David explains that layering a garden is all about maximizing the beauty you can create in a particular area. Proper layering hinges on an understanding of succession planting and the relationships between different types of plants. David says that when choosing plants for your garden, it’s essential to consider in what season you want your flowers to bloom. To begin designing a layered garden, David suggests carefully planning out the look of your garden either on paper or in your head before starting any actual planting. Once you have a general idea of what you’d like to achieve with your garden space, you need to consider the different “plane levels” of the garden: tree level, understory level, and ground level. By properly constructing these different “plane levels” you can create a beautiful, unified look.

David also offers some gardening advice for those living in an apartment or small home. In these smaller spaces, many choose to plant a trough garden using a soil mixture of sand, chicken grit, and potting soil. Topping a trough garden with rocks and aquarium gravel will add some extra decoration. David believes that if you’re serious about creating a new garden, careful planning and preparation will allow you to do so, regardless of spatial limitations.

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